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Intrusive Thoughts, sleeping, and…Meds.

February 26, 2010

Here’s Day 7 of ‘9 Days; Natural Ways To Heal Your Anxiety Series’
– Sleep It Off – Meds?

Ahhh, a good night’s sleep, the ultimate godsend.
Yet, another great way to help your body deal with anxiety.
Naturally, feeling on edge all the time is going to take its toll, so doing your best to make sure your body gets proper amounts of rest each night is a wise idea. Lack of rest wears out your system further and makes you feel worse.
But rest is hard to come by when totally stressed and mixed up!
At my lowpoint, I finally caved and agreed to take a med. An addictive one, at that.
I gave myself to the mercy of my doctor because I needed some outside help. So, I was game for anything.
Now, I’m not a proponent for meds, but now I’m not as Anti-med as I was. I hadn’t slept in 6 months.
But, finally, the Intrusive Thoughts were so intense and repetitive that I had to seek help.
So, when I was prescribed a sedative type med I went with it. 2 X per day.


I finally had a decent sleep. It really was a turning point for me. I kept it up for a couple months then weaned myself off.

After the first month I was feeling a bit better because of the rest.
My next prescription was an average level dose of a Serotonin booster-type med.
Well, it was a horrible experience. I didn’t sleep for 2 days, and had very intense panic attacks each morning after being up all night.

I didn’t take it anymore. The Doctor prescribed me a lower dose and I was okay with that. I think it helped a bit. It didn’t really fix me. But I didn’t want that either. I wanted to find out how I got myself in this position so I could learn and grow from it.

The attitude that I was going to come out of this
better than ever, and with effort, is way more responsible for getting some peace of mind and relieving the anxious thoughts, than the med.


I think if you’re going to take the meds route its best not to rely on them alone to fix the problem. But if you put in place the kind of lifestyle changes I’ve written about here, along
with your medication, then you have a much better chance of feeling better.

If you feel you want to try out drugs talk to your doctor about the best one for you.

A lot of people want to know what the best kind of anxiety medication there is.

Unfortunately there is no answer to this question.

Maybe because there isn’t one???

Drugs will have a different effect on each and every one of us, so there is no way of telling if what worked for one person will work for you.

Your doctor is there to help you. If you feel like you need help then speak as frankly as you can bring yourself to. They will do
their best for you

Have a good night…free of intrusive thoughts.